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For the month of May, the 7pm Performance Team slot will be dedicated to the California Routine! If you have solid basics, this is a great chance to learn this routine, made famous among swing dancers by Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers. We’ll get through the entire routine by the end of the month. No partner necessary, but be ready to rotate (and sweat) a lot!

Not quite ready for that challenge? The 7:45 pm all levels Lindy Hop class is perfect for you. It’s also great for anyone looking to polish their basics!

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Intermediate+ Performance Team

7 pm

We just started our first Fall mini-routine on September 14th. It’s not too late to join, especially if you are planning on leading. We will rotate frequently to help deal with leader/follower ratio imbalances. Class is only 45 minutes, so plan on arriving early so that we can make the most of our time!

If you are interested in joining but are newer or feel intimidated, give it a try! If you feel like you struggle at first, embrace the challenge and keep plugging along!

Admission for team class includes the all-levels Lindy Hop lesson. Stay to help new people advance quickly!

Team participation knowledge pre-requisites:

  • 6 count Lindy Hop basic, send-out, tuck turn, trade places, circle
  • 8 count Lindy Hop circle and swing-out
  • Charleston basic

All Levels Lindy Hop

7:45 pm

This beginner friendly class is also intended to keep things fun for more experienced dancers looking to brush up on fundamentals. The goal for the all levels class is to help newer dancers accelerate their progression, as they get in-class exposure to dancing with more experienced dancers.

No dance experience or partner required to participate in this class. We rotate partners frequently to speed up your dance development and to help you meet new people!

Before you head over:

  • Old Towne Swing is settling back into being a permanent fixture at the Woman’s Club of Orange. This does depend on your attendance. Thank you in advance for your support.
  • If you are sick, we wish you a speedy recovery-at home, not at our dance. Get well soon!
  • Dress comfortably for dancing.