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The latest…

Spring’s almost here! To celebrate, we’ve arranged for a special treat in early April. But first…

We’re taking some nights off!

Once a year, we take a night off so that the Woman’s Club of Orange can organize for their annual flower show the following day. This year, the flower show is on April 4th, which means there will be no Old Towne Swing on the night of April 3rd.

Furthermore, we were notified last week that a private rental will be taking place on May 15th, so we will also be on hiatus that Wednesday.

But now for some good news for when we return following out April 3rd absence…

Live Music April 10th with The Holly Street Stompers!

We’ve got a wonderful early Spring treat for you at Old Towne Swing on April 10th! In a pairing befitting the Spring season, The Holly Street Stompers will grace the stage at the Woman’s Club of Orange with 2 full hours of live music for you to dance to! The Holly Street Stompers are known for elevating the spirits of crowds of all ages with their playful, effervescent renditions of classic jazz tunes. So come, dance with us!

Price: $20 (includes lessons, no discounts or passes accepted for admission)

Please respond to and share our Facebook event for this special engagement!

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Intermediate+ Lindy TLC

7 pm

This class is geared toward dancers that are looking to make big improvements. In its simplest conceptual form, it’s essentially a group private lesson. Students should come to class prepared with ideas or topics that they’d like to work on, specific or general. These presented ideas will serve as the basis of learning for that week’s session. Should students not arrive with topics to help drive the class, the instructor will pick one based on an evaluation of the students during the class warm up.

This class is also an opportunity for students that might not typically be able to take many private lessons to get a little bit of one on one help, but in a group context. Sometimes working on an issue might have can be of benefit to the entire group! It is absolutely ok to bring a specific topic to the session.

Lindy TLC pre-requisites (you should be very comfortable with these basics):

  • 6 count Lindy Hop basic, send-out, tuck turn, trade places, circle
  • 8 count Lindy Hop circle and swing-out
  • Charleston basic

All Levels Lindy Hop

7:45 pm

This beginner friendly class is also intended to keep things fun for more experienced dancers looking to brush up on fundamentals. The goal for the all levels class is to help newer dancers accelerate their progression, as they get in-class exposure to dancing with more experienced dancers.

No dance experience or partner required to participate in this class. We rotate partners frequently to speed up your dance development and to help you meet new people!

Before you head over:

  • Old Towne Swing is settling back into being a permanent fixture at the Woman’s Club of Orange. This does depend on your attendance. Thank you in advance for your support.
  • If you are sick, we wish you a speedy recovery-at home, not at our dance. Get well soon!
  • Dress comfortably for dancing.