April at Old Towne Swing

March was a fantastic month at Old Towne Swing! We’ve been blessed with a group of friendly, enthusiastic regular dancers. Our humble thanks go out to each of you.

April brings us only 3 weeks of dancing at Old Towne Swing. Why, you ask? On Thursday, April 21st, the Woman’s Club of Orange is holding their annual flower show. They will require the previous day, Wednesday the 20th, to set up for their event. It gives us a chance for a slight breather or, perhaps, to get out and do something a little different!

As always, you are most welcome to join us at any scheduled Old Towne Swing event-and we sincerely hope you will!

Performance Team Class (7 pm)

Performance team is going along nicely, but we are looking for leaders to join. Currently, the only requirement is that students have a decent grasp of their Lindy Hop basics: swing out, 6 count basic, 6 and 8 count circles, tuck turns, Charleston basic, etc. It’s expected that the class leader/follower ratio might be unbalanced at first, but we’ll manage it with plenty of rotations. Performance team practice will only be 45 minutes, so plan to show up early each week so we can make the most of our time! Our main choreography is nearly complete, so we are now gearing up for performances.

If you plan on attending this class in March and are new, please understand that this class is a continuing series that is already in progress. That said, we have absolutely no problem with you joining! Do your best to catch up with other students and via class review videos (yes, you may film). If you feel like you struggle at first, embrace that challenge and keep plugging along!

All Levels Class (7:45 pm)

This beginner friendly class is also intended to keep things fun for more experienced dancers looking to brush up on fundamentals. The goal for the all levels class is to help newer dancers accelerate their progression, as they get in-class exposure to dancing with more experienced dancers.

For location, updated schedule, and regular event pricing, please see the bottom of this page!

Before you head over:

  • Old Towne Swing is settling back into being a permanent fixture at the Woman’s Club of Orange. This does depend on your attendance. Thank you in advance for your support.
  • If you are sick, we wish you a speedy recovery-at home, not at our dance. Get well soon!
  • Dress comfortably for dancing.